Friday, October 21, 2011

Babies of the Carb Variety

I joke a lot about the hated addition to my midsection by calling it my Carb Baby.  This came about when I started seeing a nutritionist a couple of years ago.  I started losing weight, feeling better, and beginning to understand about the fuel I put in.  Through some testing we found extremely high cortisol levels.  That combined with refined carbs, which are the foods I have a sometimes love affair with, created a super sexy tummy pooch.  Thus, the Carb Baby.

This is also an ironic send-up to a couple of things.  1) I can't physically have human babies without a lot of outside help and money, anguish and pain, and probable disappointment in the end anyway.  So theoretically no different from those of you who can, right?  2) My biggest fear in life as some of you know, Gentle Readers, is having someone give up his/her seat on the subway for me assuming I'm preggers.  This hasn't happened, but it's a constant fear and yet another reason to hate the Carb Baby.

Fast forward to 2011.

I've thrown out the bathroom scale as it only leads to more detrimental results with food.  I've tossed processed foods out of much of my diet (although not when I'm on vacay with the fam as my loving cousin Russ would be quick to point out).  I've been running like a fiend (btdubs... did the Wine & Dine at Disney October 1st with a great friend)...
...look at those awesome kicks I designed!  But I digress...

Pointless boy issues, The Suzz moving across the continent, random health woes that just proved irritating, Indy having surgery, and some work hiccups (including a tough fiscal year end) haven't stopped me.  In fact, they've somehow made me reevaluate what's important - spending time with friends, writing because it makes me calm, running because it makes me happy, finding boys without drama, having a good attitude at work, getting a good manicure, and enjoying the occasional French macaron.

And apparently that's working.  I had my annual biometric screening at the ole workplace, and I've lost 17 pounds without really even trying.  I knew the clothes weren't fitting, but I just looked at that as a reason to go shopping.  I guess running in Astoria Park and really focusing on that in addition to limiting those processed foods really does pay off!

Also I have a booty.  For the first time in my life, I have a bit o'tush.  I'm certainly no Nicki Minaj, but I'm a-ok with that.  I'm gonna thank the new running shoes for that (yes, they have my name on them)!

Let's do this, Carb Baby.  Let's see if we can part ways once and for all.  Maybe if I don't waste so much time hating you, I can make you end... or at least shrink.  I'm ok taking it slow.  It's kinda how I do.  No pressure.  Just know you won't be with me forever.