Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Night To Blog

I spend at least some time each day thinking about writing.  Writing novels, writing funny self-help books, writing curriculum, writing itineraries, and yes, writing blog entries.

Now tonight I have the time and the inclination... and writer's block has commenced.  Yuck.

Right now my unpublished blogs look like outlines complete with Roman numerals, letters, numbers and bullet points.  I guess too much is in my brain and I needed a night to watch DVR shows.  Sighs all around...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy much?

So I have 3, no make that 4 unpublished blogs in my queue that need tweaking, pictures, editing...

I just need to do this one first as a stream of consciousness one about how busy I am.  I know we all are, but this is my space to vent and be cathartic.

5 weeks ago - Katie's trip!!  So fun.  So much to share.
4 weeks ago - worked 70 hours... yes, 70 hours in one week... culminating in a suburban fun-day (thoughts on that in a blog near you coming soon)
3 weeks ago - worked 55 hours... the DVR is getting full, the friends are going by the wayside - AHHH!!
2 weeks ago - spent 5 days in Arkansas.  Glorious.  Blog of it's own in the works.
1 week ago - had some medical junk done, went to Rochester for a Bachelorette Party... clearly topics at hand here

This week.  Back to the full time grind of work.  Started out excited about all the free time I had this week since it looks like every weekend from now until January is busy.  Seriously.  Now it's 1am between Wednesday and Thursday and the delicates still need wshing (these can't go to the laundrymat), the floor still needs mopping, the DVR still needs catching up (which is 67% full btdubs), and my hairstill desperately needs cutting.

I miss my blogging.  I have things to share.  I have things to get out of my brain and onto the worldwide web.  I have political things happening all around that NEED to be discussed.  I have pictures to show.  I have inside jokes to be decoded (OMG THE AMISH!!!)

Oh dear blogosphere, I have not forgotten you.  I simply have not had time.  How lame and shameful is that??  Soon, my true love writing.  Soon we shall be reunited...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wooooooo!! Pig Sooie!

Arkansas.  Here I come.  I have missed you.  I missed your southern fried deliciousness, your intense hospitality, your cheap meals and clothing and shoes, and your "traffic" that's not really traffic.

I've been homesick for a few weeks, so this trip has been on the brain for awhile.  I'm going for my amazing great grandmother's 100th birthday.  I'm so blessed to not only still have such an amazing woman present, with it, and awesome.  But I'm also incredibly lucky to be able to go to back home, sit on her porch, eat her peanut butter cookies, and have her tell me how she prays for each of her children, grandchildren, great granchildren, and now great great grandchildren by name every day.  Then she'll also tell me something hilarious and unexpected like the fact that she's figured out that when the house across the street has the ficus tree on their porch, the drugs are available for sale.  She's awesome.

In addition to the family funness that I will no doubt share here upon my return next week, here are some things I plan to accomplish whilst in The Natural State:
  1. Eat fried pickles from Dixie Cafe
  2. Drink at least 2 strawberry limeades from Sonic
  3. Purchase some cheap black flats
  4. Check out Vera Wang's daily clothing line and hope for a fall find
  5. Purchase a new hoodie (or 2)
  6. Go to Wal-Mart
  7. Cheer on a football team - Cabot High School Panthers at Homecoming and/or Arkansas Razorbacks
  8. If #7 involves Razorbacks, CALL THEM HOGS with Arkansans!!
  9. Purchase Razorback goodies for my Yankee friends
  10. Stay up too late talking to my mother
  11. Sit around my grandmother's house laughing at nothing at all... just being
  12. River Market.
  13. Purchase some good black pumps for less than $100
  14. Eat too many carbs (and hate myself for it later... but that's not part of the trip)
  15. Eat Senor Tequila's cheese dip
I could SERIOUSLY go on and on and on... but those are the top 15 things to accomplish in the next 5 days... in addition to the family awesomeness.  Now I have to pack.

Friday, October 1, 2010

RIP Tyler Clementi... My broken and rageful heart wishes you all the peace this world refused to afford you.

As many of you know my platform for life is to fight against intolerance, injustice, and bigotry.  Tyler Clementi is a prime reason I feel such passion for the subject.

Tyler's tragic events of this week

My genuine and sincere prayer:  Please, please, please allow me to help make a difference.  Let me reach out to even one person if not a thousand to help them see there are so many options other than taking their own lives.

Not all straight people are hateful and bigoted.  To all the Tyler Clementis, Seth Walshes, Justin Aabergs, and too many others, you are loved.  You are supported.  You are normal.  You are NOT innately wrong simply for being who God created you.

Click here for more on recent stories including Tyler's

Click here for one of the best anti-bigotry campaigns

Click here to learn about Broadway Impact and contact me if you'd like to contribute to this WONDERFUL organization.