Saturday, June 25, 2011

1,138 Rights

(photo credit: the fabulous Randy Meyer)

A 42-year fight for equality culminated in a "Yes" vote tonight in Albany.  Marriage is now an equal right to all New Yorkers.  I wonder if allies for interracial marriage in 1967 felt as elated as I am in 2011? 

Legal marriage allows 1,138 rights to couples that in 45 states are not available to the homosexual population.  New York is no longer among those archaic statistics.  Though I'm not a huge fan of the institution of marriage, I can't deny these one thousand one hundred thirty-eight reasons aren't a basic human right of all adults, certainly no matter how they were born.  And let's face it, I did it myself for those same 1,138 rights - no stone-throwing here.  Plus, I do love a good wedding...

As I sat in tears watching the clip above, I realized the love that I feel for New York and the pride I feel for being a New Yorker and the overwhelming happiness I feel for voting for Governor Cuomo.  Then I read statements like this from Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and I feel such excitement for her and others in her position who finally have the opportunity to marry, have a real wedding not just a party, announce their affection for each other in ways that I've always had the right to do and quite frankly sometimes take for granted.

It still doesn't make me wanna put a ring on it per se, but I recognize the enormity of the rights I'm given simply by being naturally attracted to the male portion of my species (believe me - sometimes I wish I could dig the ladies; alas I'm pretty happily super straight).  And I couldn't be more thrilled that my friends are now afforded these same rights.  Marriage Equality takes action.  Speak up if you want it.  And if you're straight, be a straight ally in the fight.  It requires a lot of us.  Don't stand by idly and let injustice continue.

(photo credit: the fantastic Randy Meyer, again)

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Paradoxical Rant

Dear June 2010,

I'm completely eager to be done with you.  And yet I'm also absolutely dreading seeing you come to a close.

The insomnia is oppressive.  The brain is on overload.  The doctors have ALL been called as though my body brushed its figurative hands against each other and said "Girl, your immune system is taking a vacay.  Deal."  To start, my grandmother's passing hit me harder than I ever could have anticipated and on levels I didn't even know were skulking about in there.  Quarter close at work is never my favorite, despite the fact that I'm actually an accountant which I tend to forget is why I spent four years and thousands of dollars in school.  Strep throat came in with a vengeance.  Tonys were missed.  New family illnesses are being talked about from afar.  The ovaries are freaking out.  Indy got sick and drained half my liquid assets in the process.  My ankle trouble from yesteryear has snuck back up limiting my run training.  The girl who I'm giving my A/C to is turning out to be one of those flakes I so desperately loathe, thus leaving a honkin' window unit in my foyer.  My lovely friend had pretty serious surgery causing a bit of worry on my part.  A ticket to "Book of Mormon" was given and then taken away in practically the same breath like some strange practical joke I somehow wasn't in on.  A couple of formers have popped up unexpectedly (one an utter irritation in every way).  Writer's block is trying to pervade.  Let this month end.

On the B side...

My writing class ends next week.  I don't want it to.  I want to just keep my teacher on retainer like, forever.  June weather in NYC is way better than July.  And quickly because a separate entry on this topic alone is already in the works... my Astorian partner in crime is moving.  As happy as I know Portland will be for having her, Astoria will forever have a void after June concludes.  Don't let this month end.

On a positive note, because that's how I do - Indy is doing worlds better.  I've been introduced to some of the best food I never knew I loved (I'm STILL dreaming about those red sonjas).  My new writing project is nearly done with the blahsy prep work.  My hair is super dark.  July will bring time to see those of you I've been forced to neglect (including some new friends... hi, Kim!!).  And I'm positively holding out hope that the NY Senate will pull their heads out of the tushes and approve marriage equality.

Paradoxically yours,

PS - I apologize for the tense shifts above.  It's 3am.
PPS - Final paradox - I both love and hate the new sitcom "Happily Divorced".  I can't help but love it because it's kinda my life.  But I hate it because I could have written it so much better... plus it's a sitcom starring Fran Drescher on TVLand.  'Nuff said.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loving My Lady

Radio City January 2010 - seriously amazing concert

Guys.  I need to apologize.  I have failed you, myself, and my lovely Lady.  Gaga's new cd is phenomenal.  And I think you all should have it.  If you don't have it, let me know.  Because you need it, like whoa.  "The Edge of Glory" just might be her best song yet... although I do love me some "Hair", "Government Hooker", "You and I"... ok, ok, I love them all.

In addition to creating a ridiculously good album, she also recently had it out with her manager for disallowing Weird Al Yankovic to parody "Born This Way" without her knowledge.  She actually found it to be quite flattering and eagerly allowed "Perform This Way".  I've added it below because it's hilarious.

She's also been in the news for her tireless efforts in the fight for marriage equality.  I love that she uses her celebrity for good.  That's why I'm half-obsessed.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life Is Company

It's always on time.  It's like my second self.  It's happening tonight (and maybe tomorrow and maybe 6/19 and then maybe again 6/21... what can I say? )

(Apologies for the melodrama - Bobby brings that out in me.)

Almost There

In honor of the fact that NY is only 1 vote away from making the right to marry equal for all I'm posting this new song by Andrew Lippa.  "Scream at the moon if you want to.  Go and run as far as you can."  The song is a bit Free-To-Be-You-And-Me-Reader's-Theatre-y, but the sentiment is nice.

And just to add an *interesting thought someone pointed out to me recently... For those out there who think religion and politics should be mixed and have a problem with the government allowing equal rights to people who want to enter into the bonds of matrimony, we should start charging for other religious ceremonies. Imagine if you had to file with the state to be baptized, have a Bar Mitzvah, or receive your first communion.  Imagine the uproar this would cause.  I would be on the frontlines with you since we live in a land where church and state are (supposed to be) separate. 

*Thanks for the discussion and allowing me to comletely paraphrase your thoughts and turn them into my own ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tony Night 2011 - A Play By Play

As I mentioned in my previous entry I am one unhappy camper.  For the past 10 years I have lovingly enjoyed some Tony night goodness.  Even in sucky years, I was with them.  Sometimes in person.  Sometimes with friends.  Never alone.

Let's pretend I'm wearing this tonight.  In fact, just envision me sitting around the house in it.  Darker hair now of course.  And more toned legs.

And here I sit.  With my swollen tonsils - and you!  So enjoy or ignore.  This one's for me.

Neil Pats!  I dig that we're singing about Broadway being for straights too!!  I will love Stephen Colbert until the day I die.  Good God, Edie Falco looks fantastic.

Featured Actress in a Play
Whoa.  Ellen Barkin??  I SERIOUSLY thought Edie had this one.  I'm seeing "The Normal Heart" next week.  Anyone wanna go with??  Warning - I may cry.

H2$ Performance
Go Charlie, you insanely cute chorus boy!!  How many CHS alum does this inspire?  (And Sisters too!!)  And look at that gorgeous Ellen Harvey (you shoulda been nommed, girl)!!!  Love her.  Daniel Radcliffe has really worked out his choreo abilities!  I'm loving this... great job getting people to our neck of the woods, guys.

Catch Me If You Can Performance
I know 3 people who like this show.  I am one of them.  Unfortunately this number (and crazy multiple camera angles) did not prove my theory that it's a good show.  Tourists (and straight guys), go see it.  You'll love it.  And now it has a lead actor win too.

Scottsboro Boys Performance
How did I miss this show?  West coast 2012.  I'm there.

Book of Mormon Performance
Oh.  I'm so in.  Somehow touching and irreverent and smart and hilarious and so much more...  I may pay have to pay full price for a house seat.

Writing/Viewing Partner For The Night

Dinner for a champ

NPH vs Wolverine
Two beautiful men singing and dancing.  I do so love Broadway.  It's moments like this that make me proud to be in this business.  For reals.

Spiderman Performance

Sister Act Performance
Loving that hat, Whoopi.  C'mon Patina.  Sing it, girl.  "Raise Your Voice"!!!  Yay, Ladies!! (Did anyone notice my Indy in this number??)  Go see this for a fun night at the theatre.

Memphis Performance
In tears.  Seeing kids love theatre this much and with such gusto does my heart good.  Maybe I'll go see "Memphis" again just because of this.

Best Play
Am I gonna have to see "War Horse"???  Hmmm... I have trouble believing it's better than "Jerusalem". (Plus the speeches were so odd.)

Anything Goes Performance (this is the party I'm supposed to be at... ugh)
Sutton better dance!!  Dear lord I love me some hoofers... makes me wanna get my taps out!  And let me just say Bill Ryall is one of the best dancers on Broadway making his debut in this show.  He makes those ensemble numbers POP!!!  I'm seeing this'n again too.

Company Performance
Do I really need to say much??  Or shall I just reference this or perhaps this?  Needless to say I loved it. Good job, guys.  Can't wait to see you on the big screen later this week.

In Memoriam
Tyne looks fabulous.  So many greats were lost.  I'm so glad they included Shannon Tavarez.  So beautiful.

Lead Actress in a Play
Yay to Nina Arianda - your day will come, pretty lady.  Frances McDormand, is that a denim jacket?  And did you forget a comb??

Priscilla Queen of the Desert Performance
I really wish I liked this show.  Alas, I did not.  But look at those costumes (so glad Chappel & Gardiner won for that).  And did Neil Pats just tell someone to quit touching him???

Lead Actor in a Play
I seriously don't think loving Mark Rylance more is a possibility.  If you don't see "Jerusalem" and you have the opportunity, you are wrong.  Just plain ole wrong.  GO SEE JERUSALEM, NOW.

Best Musical
I can't believe I haven't seen this yet.  I'm about to be $137 lighter.  And I kinda loved that he gave props to Joseph Smith.

Random Thoughts
  • Viola Davis.  Work.
  • Trey Parker.  You rarely do anything wrong anyway, but I'm diggin' that sparkly shirt.
  • Marianne Elliott.  LOVING that purple dress.  Hmm... It's a 2011 rendition of the picture above.
  • Angela Lansbury.  70 years.  Wow.  Please let me have that kind of legacy... ok, something comparable.
  • Brooke is some cray cray.  I kinda love it though.
  • Patrick Wilson will forever be the love of my life.
  • To quote Larry Kramer, you "are an exceptional people and [your] day will come".  To so many of you, thank you for letting me be such a part of your journeys.
  • From my friend Matt Cavenaugh - "Anthony Weiner, The Musical starring Aaron Lazar".  Possibly never were truer words written.
Great show.  Sorry I'm not at Bowl-Mor with Shawn Baker and the Roundabout peeps.  Congrats on the wins for "Anything Goes" and Sutton as well as the many other nominations!!


Anyone remember this?  Anyone, anyone??

Yeah.  Well, this might be revisited.  These idiotic tonsils have thwarted a camping weekend with friends (thanks to The Suzz, Josh, & Fab for putting up with the ridiculousness).  They have also now created the first year since I've lived in NYC where I wasn't at the Tonys, at a Tony party, or hosting a Tony party.  This year will probably provide a Tony party in the form of a blog... endure it (and ignore if you choose) gentle readers.  I need an outlet.

Thanks, tonsils.  Thanks a lot.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Now. Here. This.

Now.  It's my time to resolve.  I don't do the New Year's resolutions for a number of reasons - 1) January is not exactly my best time of year, 2) Memorial Day is just better, 3) I've never been one to follow societal rules.  There's a food one, an exercise one, a writing one (maybe two?), and a work one.

Here.  As much as traveling makes me smile, I've never been happier to be in NYC.  Coming up on 10 years definitely makes me a full-fledged New Yorker.

This.  This job.  This class.  This group of friends.  This family.  This dog.  This apartment.  This closet of shoes.  This experience.  This life.

In addition to the regular beginning of summer betterments, I just lost someone very dear to me.  Her funeral and the surrounding days were enlightening.  They were eye-opening, and they were tearful.  My writing class last night COULD NOT have gone better... my ideas are appreciated and my style is being rewarded.  Plus, the change in my writing (not so much my personal blog here) is quite evident.  This class is one of the best things I've done.

Then there was tonight.  I went to see "Now. Here. This." at The Vineyard.  The workshop only goes through next Sunday, but fellow New Yorkers (especially in the arts) run don't walk.  It's gloriously moving and still irreverently hysterical.  It deals with the present and where you are, and I had to share it with you all.  It wrapped up everything I've been dealing with (fear, death, art, boys, and life in general) and gifted itself in a 90-minute/no intermission package.

Now. Here. This.  Bring it (no idea where this is coming from but it's not the first time I've said it today)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011