Saturday, June 25, 2011

1,138 Rights

(photo credit: the fabulous Randy Meyer)

A 42-year fight for equality culminated in a "Yes" vote tonight in Albany.  Marriage is now an equal right to all New Yorkers.  I wonder if allies for interracial marriage in 1967 felt as elated as I am in 2011? 

Legal marriage allows 1,138 rights to couples that in 45 states are not available to the homosexual population.  New York is no longer among those archaic statistics.  Though I'm not a huge fan of the institution of marriage, I can't deny these one thousand one hundred thirty-eight reasons aren't a basic human right of all adults, certainly no matter how they were born.  And let's face it, I did it myself for those same 1,138 rights - no stone-throwing here.  Plus, I do love a good wedding...

As I sat in tears watching the clip above, I realized the love that I feel for New York and the pride I feel for being a New Yorker and the overwhelming happiness I feel for voting for Governor Cuomo.  Then I read statements like this from Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and I feel such excitement for her and others in her position who finally have the opportunity to marry, have a real wedding not just a party, announce their affection for each other in ways that I've always had the right to do and quite frankly sometimes take for granted.

It still doesn't make me wanna put a ring on it per se, but I recognize the enormity of the rights I'm given simply by being naturally attracted to the male portion of my species (believe me - sometimes I wish I could dig the ladies; alas I'm pretty happily super straight).  And I couldn't be more thrilled that my friends are now afforded these same rights.  Marriage Equality takes action.  Speak up if you want it.  And if you're straight, be a straight ally in the fight.  It requires a lot of us.  Don't stand by idly and let injustice continue.

(photo credit: the fantastic Randy Meyer, again)

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