Friday, June 24, 2011

A Paradoxical Rant

Dear June 2010,

I'm completely eager to be done with you.  And yet I'm also absolutely dreading seeing you come to a close.

The insomnia is oppressive.  The brain is on overload.  The doctors have ALL been called as though my body brushed its figurative hands against each other and said "Girl, your immune system is taking a vacay.  Deal."  To start, my grandmother's passing hit me harder than I ever could have anticipated and on levels I didn't even know were skulking about in there.  Quarter close at work is never my favorite, despite the fact that I'm actually an accountant which I tend to forget is why I spent four years and thousands of dollars in school.  Strep throat came in with a vengeance.  Tonys were missed.  New family illnesses are being talked about from afar.  The ovaries are freaking out.  Indy got sick and drained half my liquid assets in the process.  My ankle trouble from yesteryear has snuck back up limiting my run training.  The girl who I'm giving my A/C to is turning out to be one of those flakes I so desperately loathe, thus leaving a honkin' window unit in my foyer.  My lovely friend had pretty serious surgery causing a bit of worry on my part.  A ticket to "Book of Mormon" was given and then taken away in practically the same breath like some strange practical joke I somehow wasn't in on.  A couple of formers have popped up unexpectedly (one an utter irritation in every way).  Writer's block is trying to pervade.  Let this month end.

On the B side...

My writing class ends next week.  I don't want it to.  I want to just keep my teacher on retainer like, forever.  June weather in NYC is way better than July.  And quickly because a separate entry on this topic alone is already in the works... my Astorian partner in crime is moving.  As happy as I know Portland will be for having her, Astoria will forever have a void after June concludes.  Don't let this month end.

On a positive note, because that's how I do - Indy is doing worlds better.  I've been introduced to some of the best food I never knew I loved (I'm STILL dreaming about those red sonjas).  My new writing project is nearly done with the blahsy prep work.  My hair is super dark.  July will bring time to see those of you I've been forced to neglect (including some new friends... hi, Kim!!).  And I'm positively holding out hope that the NY Senate will pull their heads out of the tushes and approve marriage equality.

Paradoxically yours,

PS - I apologize for the tense shifts above.  It's 3am.
PPS - Final paradox - I both love and hate the new sitcom "Happily Divorced".  I can't help but love it because it's kinda my life.  But I hate it because I could have written it so much better... plus it's a sitcom starring Fran Drescher on TVLand.  'Nuff said.


  1. Joy, Thank you so much for sharing the goods and bads that have been going on...

    Hard to believe that it has already been a month since we were all together celebrating the life of the MOST AMAZING WOMAN EVER!! Man, how I miss her!!!

    Love you and miss you more than you know!!!

  2. thanks for the shout out! yes, we will have to hang out. personally, i can say good riddance to june. it was a horrid month for me (see super secret blog). let's welcome july with some drinks and forward thoughts.