Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almost There

In honor of the fact that NY is only 1 vote away from making the right to marry equal for all I'm posting this new song by Andrew Lippa.  "Scream at the moon if you want to.  Go and run as far as you can."  The song is a bit Free-To-Be-You-And-Me-Reader's-Theatre-y, but the sentiment is nice.

And just to add an *interesting thought someone pointed out to me recently... For those out there who think religion and politics should be mixed and have a problem with the government allowing equal rights to people who want to enter into the bonds of matrimony, we should start charging for other religious ceremonies. Imagine if you had to file with the state to be baptized, have a Bar Mitzvah, or receive your first communion.  Imagine the uproar this would cause.  I would be on the frontlines with you since we live in a land where church and state are (supposed to be) separate. 

*Thanks for the discussion and allowing me to comletely paraphrase your thoughts and turn them into my own ;)

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