Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Joyous Anniversary

Today's that day.  Ya know... that one I used to hate.  The one that used to cause panic attacks.  The one that I deemed a year ago today to be a celebration rather than a downer.  Yeah, that one.

November 6, 2006, changed my life forever.  It's the first act break in my story.  And November 6, 2011, was the second act break.  We'll just call this a Shakespearean type of play with multiple arcs and scenes... the kind that seems to go on forever but each new section only makes the ones before it make sense.

A lot has happened in the section we're sitting in right now.  A lot I haven't known how to share outside of my private journal.  A lot that seemed vulnerable and scary, yet amazing and perfect.  A year ago I embraced the Joy I met 5 years prior.  And I'm proud to say that she and I (with the help of some pretty awesome outside forces) have created one heck of a surprisingly healthy 3rd act so far.

November 6th is also Election Day this year.  I was out at 6am to be #7 in line to vote.  I love this day.  It's so emotionally charged, and it never fails to take me back to elections past and where I was, who I voted for, why I voted that way, etc.  It's like a big day of nostalgia.

My voter card this morning

1996 Clinton victory speech in Little Rock... I was about 100 feet from this stage.  One of the best nights of my life.

To celebrate this new relationship I've learned to develop with myself, I'll be heading down to Florida this weekend to run a race.  Don't expect too much out of the race because I've screwed my knee up.  It'll definitely be a walk/run, but I'll have a kickin' run mix and will be crossing the finish line with amazing friends.  Then I plan on spending a few days in the Florida sun, grazing my way through the Food & Wine Festival, wearing a birthday button (which is just next week, people), and getting teary over the Wishes Fireworks show that never fails to remind me that all my wishes will come true.  Dramatic?  Oh, absolutely.  Am I ok with that?  More than you know.

Best Fireworks Show EVER.  Bring it, Blue Fairy.