Friday, August 13, 2010

What? I'm 31 and might have a tonsillectomy??

Say it ain't so, Dr!! Over my 31 years I've had a number of bouts of tonsillitis. In college there were a few times the ole Student Health Center at ASU recommended removal. I ignored. My roommate Gina and I went back and forth with who-has-tonsil-issues-worse in our time at Kays Hall. I still maintain that she wins the battle given that one morning when she awoke and with her back to me said "Joy, do you think my tonsils are swollen?" At which point she turned around with two of the most bulbous pockets on either side of her throat. I promptly screeched, covered my face, and shouted "OH MY GOD". Gina, being prone to some hypochondria as it is, made her already large, beautiful eyes EVEN BIGGER. I pulled it together quickly to act like it wasn't that bad, called Selby and told him that Gina's tonsils needed to be removed IMMEDIATELY.

Here's Gina and my lovely niece(ish) Eva... Aren't they lovely? I miss you, Gina!!

But I digress!! After too many issues with tonsillitis and some of my closest friends offering various "home remedies" including removal of the tonsils with a can opener on the changing table at the Dallas BBQ men's room on 42nd Street... you read that correctly - it looks like I'll be joining the ranks of the tonsil-less before the end of the year.

There's still a small chance it won't happen.

1. I'm terrified.
2. It hurts and has a long recovery for old folks like myself. I have found a website for all the information I could want - Adult Tonsillectomy - why there's a website and this guy is begging for funds I don't know, but there are some good tips nonetheless
3. My doctor, a tonsil specialist (who knew that existed), said it's not medically necessary. Which in my mind screams DON'T DO IT!!!
4. I've been given an antiseptic gargle of sorts to help keep these nasty divots (or tonsillar crypts) free from pain-causing bacteria. Maybe this will be my cure with no surgery!!

Ok, Ok... I'm over my tonsils hurting and swelling, so I'm sure I'll have it done. But ugh. I tried to get a pic of my swollen blobs but the open-mouthed, saliva-y tongue shot just looked weird... so you get this instead. Me being sad and feeling sorry for my self for having surgery.

I kid, I kid... it'll all be fine. And I think my mother is gonna come up and baby me for the surgery... which means I'll have sweet tea in my fridge!!!

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  1. Ohhh, the things we put ourselves through just for some good sweet tea.