Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekend Adventures

NYC weekends can be filled with fun and merriment. This was one of those. Enjoy...

Friday. Grab Suzanne. Make a trek on the G train. Make it to Brooklyn Bowl. Love Brooklyn Bowl and vow to go back. Drink Shirley Temples because we're awesome like that (why didn't we take pics of those?!). Watch ridiculously good band - Wakey Wakey. Check them out. I wouldn't steer you wrong.

The opening band never intelligibly gave their name. We didn't love them and the lead singer oddly used 2 mics. But his guitar was glittery!!

Wakey Wakey!!

Michael Grubbs - the brains behind Wakey Wakey - and Suzanne's future husband.

Saturday. Grab Suzanne again. Make her join me to kayak over to the Brooklyn Bridge. 9 miles roundtrip. Be the best. Done and done.

My kayaking partner in crime and professionalism.

Do NOT park in the water.

Look at that city. "2nd only to heav'n"
Our boat. The Chessie.
Just chillin' on the water by the Brooklyn Bridge. A regular ole Saturday night.
Sunday. Blah. Moving on...

Monday. Grab favorite peeps. Head to Astoria Park for the Monday night movie on the lawn. Get there only to be told the movie is cancelled. Stay and chill on the lawn anyway, eat, drink, be merry, and laugh.

In my favorite park in the best neighborhood on the planet.

Selby and Sal eating some Flav-Or-Ices some random girl passed out.

My 2 best buds.

Astorians For Life!!!

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  1. I love seeing what is going on in the Life O' Joy!
    I want to come see you soon!!! Can we start planning a trip for me to come after the first of the year??? Maybe for my 30th?!? YIKES...did I just say 30???