Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wooooooo!! Pig Sooie!

Arkansas.  Here I come.  I have missed you.  I missed your southern fried deliciousness, your intense hospitality, your cheap meals and clothing and shoes, and your "traffic" that's not really traffic.

I've been homesick for a few weeks, so this trip has been on the brain for awhile.  I'm going for my amazing great grandmother's 100th birthday.  I'm so blessed to not only still have such an amazing woman present, with it, and awesome.  But I'm also incredibly lucky to be able to go to back home, sit on her porch, eat her peanut butter cookies, and have her tell me how she prays for each of her children, grandchildren, great granchildren, and now great great grandchildren by name every day.  Then she'll also tell me something hilarious and unexpected like the fact that she's figured out that when the house across the street has the ficus tree on their porch, the drugs are available for sale.  She's awesome.

In addition to the family funness that I will no doubt share here upon my return next week, here are some things I plan to accomplish whilst in The Natural State:
  1. Eat fried pickles from Dixie Cafe
  2. Drink at least 2 strawberry limeades from Sonic
  3. Purchase some cheap black flats
  4. Check out Vera Wang's daily clothing line and hope for a fall find
  5. Purchase a new hoodie (or 2)
  6. Go to Wal-Mart
  7. Cheer on a football team - Cabot High School Panthers at Homecoming and/or Arkansas Razorbacks
  8. If #7 involves Razorbacks, CALL THEM HOGS with Arkansans!!
  9. Purchase Razorback goodies for my Yankee friends
  10. Stay up too late talking to my mother
  11. Sit around my grandmother's house laughing at nothing at all... just being
  12. River Market.
  13. Purchase some good black pumps for less than $100
  14. Eat too many carbs (and hate myself for it later... but that's not part of the trip)
  15. Eat Senor Tequila's cheese dip
I could SERIOUSLY go on and on and on... but those are the top 15 things to accomplish in the next 5 days... in addition to the family awesomeness.  Now I have to pack.

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  1. And ARKANSAS is ready for our New Yorker to come home!!! I plan on picking you up from the airport (will be so excited to see you) try not to act a fool when I see you. Go to Dixie Cafe for those fried pickles and enjoy each and every minute I have with you! And at night when you are asleep in your old bedroom-I will lay in the next room and listen to you talk in your sleep-laugh and just be so dang happy that your here!
    Counting the hours....
    Love ,