Saturday, April 6, 2013

Actions Speak Louder Than Words... So Act

I’ve been making some massive changes… some “spring cleaning” if you will.  I’ve been journaling these past few weeks since it’s been such a personal and awakening experience, but soon I’ll compile it all and share.

As I look back on this particular phase of betterment, I’m reminded of the song from Tick, Tick, Boom, “Louder Than Words” which has significant resonance with me lately.  I owe so much to 3 main influences presently in my life who are living this song to its fullest by doing things for others while marrying that with doing something for themselves.  I love it.  And I want to pay it forward in some small way.

Since it’s tax time, some of you will be getting refunds.  I, of course, am jealous since I always seem to owe Uncle Sam more than the arms and legs I’ve been afforded (gotta love making a decent salary, being single, childless, and living in the most expensive city in the country).  But the point is, I’ll be giving to causes in support of these 3 PHENOMENAL humans, not only because they are people I try every day to emulate in some small way, but also because I support what they’re trying to do, so you should too!!

Even if you don’t plan on giving, keep reading.  Just check out how lucky I am to have these guys in my life.  I mean, seriously… how did I fall into such amazing company??

Now turn this song on while you keep reading… seriously… do it.  These guys are letting their actions speak louder than their words.  Let me share with you how.  Help me support them.

Not Waiting For Catastrophe To Start A Revolution
First is my girl Katie Mohr.  She’s one of the best friends a gal could ever wish for.  In caring for herself by staying fit and hot, she’s running a half marathon tomorrow.  Yes, she’s running 13.1 miles.  Yes, she’s been training for weeks while being an incredible mom to her 2 boys, volunteering at the local school, creating a foster resource out of her basement, writing a book, taking classes, staying in touch with her friends and asking about them, being a loving wife, and still staying on top of important things like “The Bachelor” (who I deemed to be the 2013 human equivalent to Jokey Smurf).  But beyond all that, she’s running for her friend who’s adopting internationally.  Every dollar that gets raised for Katie’s race, goes to helping Erin and her family bring their baby home from Uganda.  Read HERE to find out more.  Pledge some funds.  Do it.

Blazing A Trail Even Though The Well-Worn Path 
Seems Safe And So Inviting
Next are the people responsible for my latest transformation, Mark Fisher Fitness.  Six weeks ago I joined a Ninja Army to fix some of my food and body issues.  I had no idea the journey would address even more – my body, mind, and soul are forever changed (more on that when I finally get Snatched into a new me next week).  MFF has a super sweet Dragon Lair where I wish I could spend all day every day.  Alas I’m not a TOTAL creeper and still have responsibilities outside of working out.  Ok, yes, I am a total creeper… but I do still have a job and a dog and hours of cooking and dishwashing to do these days.  But I digress… the lot adjacent to the Clubhouse is being transformed into a park!  However, MFF has to raise the funds.  I would love some outdoor yoga when it warms up and a place to convene with my new Ninja family.  Read HERE to find out more.  Pledge some funds.  Do it.

Cages or Wings?  Fear or Love?  Which Do You Prefer?
Finally is the bravest and best person I know, Selby Brown. I’ve learned so much from him over the years and he never fails to amaze me.  Not to share all his bizness, but suffice it say, he’s had a heck of few months.  He changed his body all by himself.  He changed his diet and stuck to it for his health.  He’s dealt with things I’m not sure I’m cut out to forge through (and I have LIVED, ladies and gents).  In the midst of all this, he has formed a NYC-based team to walk and raise money for ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s Disease) research and care.  His aunt in Arkansas has been living with this terrible disease for seven years, and he wants to show her that even 1200+ miles away she touches people and has support through him.  For this one, I’m gonna say pledge funds as well if you have it.  But more than that, if you’re in or around NYC on May 4th, sign up to join our team and come walk with us.  I guarantee your two miles walked will speak volumes – even more than dollars spent.  Read HERE for more information on donating, or better yet, joining our team!!

If you've gotten this far in my blogpost today, thank you.  I do hope you'll take a couple more minutes to check out those links and see what kind of good you can help with.  Even $5 is awesome.  I love you all and can't wait to come back next week with more stories to share on my latest adventures.  For now I'll leave you with this (complete with bump-it and Buddha)...

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