Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sick and Tired

I've been sick practically all week.  It's not strep or tonsillitis this time (imagine that), though the regular pea-sized nodules were practically blueberry-sized earlier this week.  I even had to call in sick half the week... crazy.  And I'm sick of it.

So my week's adventures have consisted of the following:

On my kindle, I'm currently reading this:

And on the television between NyQuil induced comas, I've been catching up on these:

On the internet, I've been entertained with these:

And when I awake, I have the pleasure of facing this:

I think she can't decide whether to be angry that I'm cramping her style, or glad that I'm home and have her favorite blanket out.  I gave her a break earlier and went to get a pedicure for which I think she was very grateful.

I think I'm finally on the mend and life can resume tomorrow... good timing since I have tickets to see Miranda Lambert in NJ!!!

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