Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Better Than Horoscopes

I love this test.  I like to believe that life really is this simple.  Which one do you apply every day?

What Does Your Lipstick Shape Say About You?

Slant close to the original shape

This reserved gal abides by the rules, is a great follower, doesn't like too much attention, is a little self-conscious, is schedule driven, and may occasionally want to attract attention with dyed hair or new outfits

Rounded Tip to a Point

This loveable lady is family-oriented and domestic, often labeled a "doer," can be stubborn over little things, exaggerates, and needs people around

Rounded Smooth Tip

This easy-going peacemaker is even tempered, steady, likeable, and generous.  She is gentle, feminine, and has a deep need for harmony.  Everybody feels at ease in her company because she has no rough edges.  She's a marvelous lover, a fantastic cook, and a loving wife.  Everything is planned as she leaves nothing to chance.

Flat Top

This born diplomat is to the point and has high morals.  She is very dependable and quick-minded, loves challenges, and is careful about appearances.  She has a carefree disposition, is eloquent, and has a lot of friends because she is such a good listener.  Women rarely find her a competitor, but men rarely consider her a sex object - no matter how gorgeous she is.

Sharp Angle Tip

This Powerwoman is opinionated, high-spirited, argumentative, and outgoing.  She dislikes schedules but loves attention.  She is selective of her friends, self-confident, well-balanced, conscientious, and has a love for detail.  She has a perfect memory, doesn't bear grudges, and is often uncontrollable.  Bam.

Flat Top Concave

This emotional detective makes friends easily and is inquisitive, adventurous, complex, and exciting.  She is sensitive, thoughtful, and reserved.  Her passion flourishes undetected, and in her dream world everything is much more beautiful than in reality.  She looks for closeness, understanding, and friendship, but quite often she is disappointed. Big romantic words, poems, and charming lyric poetry feed her passion.

Sharp Angles - Both Sides

This daredevil with a big ego is spiritual, curious, imaginative, mysterious, and very sensual.  She loves life and surprises and couldn't care less about conventions.  She always goes her own way and seeks out attention in the process.  I admire this girl so much...

Last but not least (can you tell which one lives in my makeup haven??)

Sharp Angle Box Curved Tip (of course there are 97 adjectives)

This awesome (I added that one) creature is enthusiastic, energetic, talkative, and helpful.  She loves attention -- both giving and receiving.  She gives the benefit of the doubt to everyone, and this doesn't always work out in her favor.  She is very funny (take that Selbs) and her friends adore her because of her precise loyalty.

I found this years ago Cosmo magazine -- ya know, the one I've had a subscription to for nearing 20 years... dear god I'm old.  But the variety of sources (I'd never steal anyone's words without giving props) came from here, here, and here... obviously.

And just for kicks here's a sampling of mine.  The "sharp angle box curved tip" is quite drastic...

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  1. oddly enough my lipstick shape is a combination of the top and bottom one you list. And I have the qualities listed on both. I used to be sharp-angle tip through and through! Thanks for the fun. This was awesome. PS - I wonder what it says about me that I tend to use flavored lightly tinted tubes of gloss now? Or, sometimes even just chapstick?