Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who'da Thunk It?

I got an email today with the subject:

Final race instructions for your Princess Marathon Weekend!

And here was the body of the email (or at least the important part):

It's almost time, Joy!

Running shoes packed? Frogs kissed? Good. 'Cause in less than a month, it'll be time for the 2012 Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend! So we're back with final race instructions, including how to download your race waiver, tips on getting around and more. See ya real soon!

I totaled 10 miles on Saturday.  I was sore Sunday.  But Monday I was back at it.  And tonight I was out in Astoria Park.  I have 2 days of rest.  Then I'm in the home stretch.  

I still can't believe this is where I am.  It's February 2012, and I'm running a half marathon.

Who'da thunk [insert random period of time] ago I'd be here?  I imagine in addition to the quick projectile vomit that occurs after a race for me, there will be some emotions.  The kind that pour out of my eyes.

2012 seems to be going my way so far.  I'm healthy, I'm happy, I'm diggin' work, I'm liking dating.  I didn't, however, like the number I got when my waist was measured for my running tutu, but at least I'm running.  March will inevitably consist of lowering that number.

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