Thursday, July 19, 2012

Date Night - Thunderstorms and Hyperbole

The boy and I have decided to defy the constraints of an impossible work schedule and try to make Wednesday our midweek date night.  Woohoo!!

After reaching what I can only assume was 627 degrees we had one of those storms that I so love in the city.  Here's an Instagram picture captured by Dhani Jones showing how cool this one was.  That's over my hood, y'all.

In light of such an intense downpour, I had to rush home after work to change out of my peep toes and silk shirt and into a tank top, fedora, and messy bun before heading to Ali's Kebab Cafe.  So weird, but I went here literally a year ago today with my friend Jared.  Such a strange little factoid.  The food was still to die for (even if a bit experimental for me), and Ali was still just as charmingly amazing as he was a year ago.

Sometimes dates are lovey-dovey, sometimes they're passionate, sometimes they're hysterical fun.  This one was just us chatting about work, chatting about family, chatting about friends, and most importantly discussing the intricacies of our newest obsession - The Astoria Penetrator.  Don't ask for details from either of us unless you want a serious earful.  Just know it involves Astoria, a ninja, racism, and exaggerated implausibilities at their finest... what isn't worthy of hours of discussion about any of that*?!

Happy Date Day, gentle readers.  I've missed you...

*For those who don't know me extremely well, I'm known to get on controversial soapboxes, on occasion, and not get off them for days (or longer).  This ranges from injustices being done to serious issues in the community to simple annoying pet peeves that crawl all over me.  Who knew I'd locate someone who feels the same way and also likes to discuss ad nauseum WITH me?!

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  1. aww. loving reading your posts. your date night sounds lovely. i hope we can catch up one of these days! xo