Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stressful Summer

Summer is half over and needless to say it's been a little stressful.  Some things at work changed and change is always awkward.  My health has been... well, it's been stupid.  I had a little setback on the neuro front, and now I'm on some dumb new meds that are taking some getting used to.  Being in a romantic relationship is definitely challenging when dealing with summer schedules.  Heat waves suck.


Here are some awesome things about the summer of 2012 that allow for de-stressing:

Including a Hantz, a Boogie, a Jani, a Razorback, a Coach, and a Chen-Bot

Including Mia Michaels, which is sure to produce tears

Including an Altar Boy, a Greek goddess, 2 Taylors, and John Carter

Sun flares at the Frying Pan (and their signature sangria)

Including a Phelps, a Lochte, and 2.5 weeks of awesome

And a beautiful city

When those de-stressors take hold, I realize that I have a great job that I truly love.  I have amazing progressive doctors who give me meds that suck just to make me better.  Being in love is wonderful (who knew?!) especially when the dude is pretty awesome (and hilarious to boot).  And the heat wave has periodic the upcoming weekend.

Here's the rest of the summer being all downhill, less stressful, and just all around easier.

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