Friday, April 3, 2015

Whole30 Reintroductions: Legumes

Whole 30 Reintroductions: Legumes

As a kid I did NOT eat beans.  In fact as a 3-year-old I went to daycare, and at lunchtime there were baked beans on the plate.  I ate around them making sure nothing entered my mouth that had been touched by a bean.  When it was time to clear our plates and go outside to play, the teacher told me I had to eat them or miss out on recess.  So I simply sat back down and quietly stayed in the lunchroom, where I stayed for the REST OF THE AFTERNOON.  When my mother came to pick me up, she was told, "Joy didn't get to participate in the afternoon's activities because she refused to eat her beans."  My mother responded, "well, she doesn't eat beans."

30-something years later, this was not a difficult thing to give up.  Until it hit me that legumes are more than baked beans from 2nd Baptist Daycare in downtown Little Rock.  No soy, no peanuts, and no hummus in addition to no beans.

*Disclaimer: Whole30 does allow snow peas, green beans, and sugar snap peas since they are in the pod

I was excited to reintroduce them, but I had a feeling some of them were not going to be the best for my system.

Morning:  Coffee with soy milk and a peanut butter Think Thin bar
Afternoon:  Hummus with tomatoes and pepperoni
Evening:  Chipotle salad with black beans, tomatoes, chicken (cooked in soy), and guacamole
Snack: Peanut butter and banana

Pretty quickly after ingesting breakfast, I found myself with a touch of heartburn.  It got better though and after lunch my throat felt ever-so-slightly closed off.  Dinner provided a sense of heaviness, but it was delicious.  And the snack gave heartburn again.  Just before bed, I had pain in the pit of my stomach telling me I had overdone it.  I felt a bit lethargic all day.  So from that, I'm taking away that legumes aren't my enemy, but maybe they're something I'll consume in small doses as a recipe calls for it, but I won't miss them on the regular.

I wonder if THESE kinds of beans will be ok!!! 

Andrew (again) did not have the same day.  Similar meals, but not the same reaction.  Black beans and chickpeas on his salad at lunch just felt right.  And after dinner he felt satisfied.  The peanut butter/banana combo made him feel a little sick to his stomach, but it could have been topping off a day full of legumes -- too much of a good thing.

Today we're back on Whole30 to reset our systems.  Tomorrow we're adding back non-gluten grains which I'm pretty excited about -- popcorn at the movies perhaps??  We'll report back how things go!!

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  1. It's great you guys are doing this! I've fallen off the wagon pretty hard lately, and gosh it's so hard to get back on it!