Monday, September 27, 2010

Hoping for Hopeful

I've spent 4 years hoping for hopeful. And it's funny how the Universe puts things in your life to show you the patience will pay off in the end.

As a single gal in NYC, I sometimes battle with loneliness, Sunday blahs, and less often but still there occasionally hopelessness. I tend to be pretty positive and surround myself with the most amazing friends ever to walk the planet, so the hopelessness fades quickly. And I believe that it is filled with hope for hopefulness - deep huh?

Weekends like the one I just finished help in the hope for hopeful plight. Nothing dramatic or ecstatic or overwhelming or outrageous happened. It just... was. And I like to just be.

Enjoy life. Let the Universe bring you what you need as you need it. Hope for hopeful...

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