Sunday, February 6, 2011

My new name.

I think I might be changing my name.  I'm going from Joy to Chuck.  Good Luck Chuck to be exact.

The 3 guys I dated in 2010 have recently been in touch with me.  And they've all told me that they have girlfriends.  My first response is... um, thanks for letting me know??  My second response is to congratulate them on finding what they need.  And my third response is to turn that inward and assume I must be the female version of Good Luck Chuck.

"Good Luck Chuck" is one of those movies that I will stop everything and watch every time it's on.  It is not a good movie.  But I love it anyway.  This could be the insanely sexy Dane Cook.  I would drop everything ANY time he's on tv... for real.

This information is going to be proven untrue.  Or I'm going to wind up with guys lining down the block waiting to date me.  I'm ok with either of these options for now.

And then finally I'm sure you're asking how and, more importantly, why do I have this information??  My thoughts exactly.

Happy Superbowl everyone!!!

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