Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene, Irene, Irene, Ireeeeeeene (as sung to the tune of "Jolene")

I love NYC.  This is nothing new.  But in times of potential crisis, I somehow love it all the more.

New Yorkers bond together.  We don't freak out.  We do what we have to do.  We help our friends and neighbors.  And then we make the best of the situations that are out of our control.

Also... we're fun.  While the note below isn't exactly how I roll, I love my friends who do.

My experience today has been people smiling, people helping neighbors carry up water and groceries, even people patiently chatting with one another while waiting for the Muslim bodega owner to finish his prayers before checking us out.  I love this.

I also love Mayor Bloomberg's recent press conference.  In reminding the less than 1% in low-lying areas to evacuate, he also reminded the rest of to stay inside from 2am to 2pm Sunday "even if the thought of walking around in a hurricane sounds cool and tempting" - where else would that be an issue?!  I love it.  When asked if there were concerns about looting, he responded "This is New York.  That doesn't happen here."  Arrogant, but kinda true.

My day (for those of you who'd like an update) has consisted of a run in an oddly non-windy yet extremely humid Astoria Park, last minute ATM and bodega runs, laundry, washing and braiding my hair, playing with Indy, and watching a press conference or two.  I think I'm bunkered down for the rest of the weekend.  Fingers crossed my power and cell service remains intact.  "Mad Men" Season 2 to commence momentarily...

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