Friday, August 12, 2011

Playing It Completely Uncool

As you may or may not know I have a few very specific pet peeves.  Near the top of that list - only behind hearing or seeing anything in your mouth (food, gum, braces, kissing, etc.) - is improper shoe/sock combinations.

This morning on the train a serious infraction entered at Queensboro Plaza.  I sighed internally, pulled out my trusty iPhone, turned the sound off, and oh-so-discreetly made sure the angle was just right so no one around me saw me photograph this poor fellow's feet... I wouldn't want to look like a creeper or anything.  As I snapped the shot, the light of God shot forth from my phone - I forgot to turn the flash off.

I turned my phone off, put it in my bag, affixed my sunglasses back on my face, and feigned sleep.  Just another subway ride in NYC.  But I did get this beauty...

Ridiculous shower sandals with white non-socks embroidered with "Champion" on the grey toe

*Note my purple travel bag in the bottom left corner... I'm heading to Boston for the weekend to hang out with the beautiful Boston Babes - Lauren & Heidi.  Woohoo!!

UPDATE: I spoke with Lauren who is pretty sure this dude is a Bostonite.  I failed to mention his top half - Celtics t-shirt, covered by an open Red Sox jersey = South Bostonite.  She is going to take me there tonight to find my soulmate... and if you believe that's my soulmate, please re-read this blog from the beginning.

And, Gentle Readers, I apologize for my sporadic posting of late.  The ole workplace has had me busy - some with fun stuff, some with work stuff.

And to my lovelies who sit behind me on Intern Row... I can't believe your time here at Disney has come to an end.  You have no idea how much I'm going to miss you young'ns.  Anytime you come to the city I will take you to Vintage, see a show, and discuss one of the following topics just for old times' sake: Cars, Boys, Baby Funerals, Smurfs, Rubber Bands, or... Seafood.

I mean, seriously, how could you NOT love these guys?
And, yes, I totally ganked this pic from Melanie's FB page.  Sue me.

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  1. I just laughed out loud. I love you Joy!<3