Friday, September 23, 2011

Boiling Blood

I love politics.  Most of you know that.  And I LOVE hearing what those who differ in opinion from me have to say.  They honestly interest me just as much if not more than those who believe the same way.  Because conversations with fellow left-wingers go something like this:

"I would vote for socialized medicine."
"Me too.  I would also vote for gay marriage."
"Yep.  Me too.  I also am all about ridding the world of the death penalty, lessening tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, keeping church and state completely separate, and supporting welfare and Social Security."
"Uh huh.... so..... I guess the biggest potential difference we have is Hillary or Obama?"

Boring.  However, intelligently discussing whether you're of a different mindset from my own can take on all different forms.  Some of my friends are ridiculously wealthy and understand that they sway to the right to keep the money they've worked hard for in their own bank accounts and not have to share.  Others don't like change and don't know how to deal with the idea of NOT keeping our southern neighbors out by means of a fence.  And others take the God-route and can't deal with the woman's right to choose and same-sex marriage.  No matter their reasons, I like talking to them about it.  Not even arguing.  I love them either way.

However, bigots make me angry.  Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann have often topped my irritation-of-the-day roster.  But when someone starts ignorantly speaking against people for who they are, my blood begins to boil.

Rick Santorum is the source of today's frustration.  No... not frustration... sadness, nausea, fury, tears.

After working 13 hours today I came home to catch some of the highlights of tonight's GOP Debate on Fox News.  Yes, I'm aware of what Fox News is airing.  See above... I like hearing what everyone thinks.  What I saw was much too irritating though, so the debate will stay on my DVR for another day or two.

Amazingly brave, clearly strong, and well-spoken soldier Stephen Hill asked a question to the panel about DADT.  He got booed.  The audience booed him.  Like booed as though they were at a football game with one too many beers down their gullets.  How disgusting.

But even more disgusting??  Rick Santorum.  His first sentence in answering Mr. Hill's question is, "Yeah, I would say any type of sexual activity has no place in the military."  I didn't hear a question about sexual activity.  Gays don't just walk about looking for a place and means to have sex.  In fact, I know many more straight people who have that agenda than gay people.

Senator Santorum believes that allowing homosexuals in the military is "tragic".  How dare he?  More importantly, how dare those people cheer him?  Most importantly, I hope his bigotry keeps people from voting for him.  His irresponsibility and cruelty to a minority group is appalling.  I really hope if and when one (or more) of his seven children turn out to be gay, he doesn't wish them the same fate as he's wishing Mr. Hill and other gay Americans.  It floors me that in 2011 this is still acceptable.  I want him to stop being angry.  What is he so mad about? No one is asking him to be gay.  No one is asking to take away his rights for being a man, or being white, or being married, or being a dad, or being right-handed (or is he left-handed?).  Let people be and live their lives.  Stephen Hill just wants to go to work and not be forced to lie about who he is.  Let him be.  I'll bet Mr. Santorum's even one of those people who are anti-Chaz Bono on DWTS... which was another thing that shocked me, but I digress...

I guess that's my cue to lull myself to sleep somehow and try not to be angry about bigots... I have another looooong work day ahead of me tomorrow.

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