Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Should've Worn Green...

To quote Selby's words and sentiment, "Painful Beauty.  It's what I need."

We're seeing Follies tonight.  I need it.  That kind of beauty that only comes from incredible art.  Not to mention that when I first saw the show in early 2001, I was moved like I had never had theatre move me.  It made me know I needed to be a part of something like that.  It sealed the deal to move to NYC.  It solidified a number of things on a much deeper level than I even knew I had.  I think I can honestly say it changed my life.  And I hope to recapture some of that tonight.  I need the reminder.  I need the inspiration.

Thank you, Stephen Sondheim, for lyrics like this...
You take one road,
You try one door,
There isn't time for any more.
One's life consists of either/or.
One has regrets
Which one forgets,
And as the years go on.
The road you didn't take
Hardly comes to mind,
Does it?
The door you didn't try,
Where could it have led?
The choice you didn't make
Never was defined.
Was it!
Dreams you didn't dare
Are dead.
Were they ever there?
Who said!
*Also excited to see how Bernadette Peters handles a role like Sally... We shall see!

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