Friday, February 27, 2015

Change Is Good?

I'm embracing the notion that change is good.  I'm in the happiest, most fulfilling relationship of my life, I'm taking seemingly endless classes to home in on what I truly enjoy, and I have a 5-year plan in the works that I'm truly ecstatic about creating into existence.

Sometimes change smacks us around and forces newness.  2014 was that for me.  I lost a handful of family members, my cube-mate at work moved, one of my closest friends announced her move back down south, my best friend got married, and my precious puppy passed away.  But get this, that's life.  I also gained a new niece and a new pseudo-nephew, I have a new perspective on work, my friend leaving NYC is happier than I've ever seen her, my best friend's husband is like gaining a brother, and I got a whole new look for my apartment when Andrew moved in (as if Indy was giving him was so beautiful).

I'm writing again, I'm learning sign language, and I've taken my health and hotness aspirations to the next level.  I'm focusing on the why's and how's of what I'm eating and when I'm working out as well as getting in touch with my inner Joy (pun intended).  It's seriously tough work.  But at the age of 36, with loads of possibilities ahead of me and endless options, it's high-time I find out what's up before I leap into the next stage.

Enter Soul Body System.  Beth Wittig's health coaching approach has had me looking at things under a whole new microscope.  I both love and am terrified of it.  And that terror feels so freeing.

Beth has challenged some of her clients to do the Whole30 Program.  I have accepted this challenge starting March 1st (my mother's birthday!!!  Happy birthday!!).  Once again terrified and excited.  So I thought I would re-up my blog as I go through this process.  It'll be the whole 2 birds, 1 stone thing -- 1) keep me accountable (and not force my glorious boyfriend into being the bad guy on a day when I feel like I just NEED some cake), 2) amp up my writing/journaling/blogging, and 3) (ok 3 birds, 1 stone) have a place to look back at the work I'm doing to appreciate it even more.

Change is good, guys.  Yes, I'm talking to myself more than any of you, gentle readers.

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