Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Month Of Whole30

Whole30: Day 1

It started today!  I'm doing the Whole30.  I am not doing this for weight loss, nor am I doing this because I'm suffering from major food sensitivities.  I'm doing this first and foremost to make a commitment to myself regarding my health and fitness -- a commitment to honor my body fully for 30 days by making conscious decisions to put whole foods into my body.  And in the process if I lose a little weight or figure out some sensitivities I might have, then I'll have attained icing for my proverbial cake.

Day 1 was a success!!  I mean, it's day 1 though.  I'm still on the momentum from all the grocery shopping and pantry clean-out I did over the weekend (when I wasn't bingeing on "House of Cards" Season 3 -- it's not possible to love Claire Underwood more).  But my hopes are high for a successful month.

Breakfast:  Turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, sweet potato hashbrowns, and my ever-faithful green smoothie (nothing better than drinking some kale to start the day!!)
Lunch:  Boiled eggs and banana
Dinner:  Buffalo chicken stuffed peppers, sauteed arugula (next time buy 4 times as much.... that stuff decreases in size like whoa), and guacamole -- did someone ask for spicy?
Snack: Green grapes -- my favorite!

No coffee was fine for the first day, I hope I can keep that up.  Coffee is "allowed," but I like my coffee churched up, and unfortunately I can't have dairy or added sugars.  I may try some coconut milk later in the week, but right now I kinda liked not being dependent on the caffeine.

Andrew is doing this 30 days of enlightenment with me, which I'm super grateful for.  We do well at new adventures together -- Teamwork!!!  He said that he doesn't feel like he's missing anything yet, and that the meals we had were delicious!!  #success

PS - Today is my Mother's birthday!!  Happy birthday to the woman who taught me how to stretch a dollar, make a casserole, clean baseboards like a champ, and enjoy a made-for-TV-movie with the best of 'em!!  I hope your day has been fantastic!

My mother and I hanging out at The Olive ya do.

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