Monday, March 30, 2015

Whole30 Final Week -- The Additional Challenges

Whole30: The Final Full Week

Days 23 through 29 provided an unexpected twist for this gal.  I started the week a bit under the weather, super lethargic, and just incredibly blah.  By Wednesday (Day 25) I had to leave work early to head to the local Urgent Care where they took a bunch of blood, and I passed out briefly.  Don't worry they gave me GATORADE.... ya know, the one whose 2nd ingredient is sucrose (table sugar).

When I pulled it together, I nearly burst into tears that I had ruined my 25-day commitment, but I didn't really have time to wallow because they were sending me next door for a CT scan of my abdomen to rule out appendicitis and get a couple of liters of fluid pumped into my IV.  Ugh.  So the good news was that it wasn't appendicitis or anything else that would send me to the hospital.  The bad news was a diagnosis of "possible colitis or just a stomach bug".  Clearly these are serious medical professionals.  I'm being a little rude -- they actually took great care of me in a quick way, and thanks to the Affordable Care Act, the bill won't put me in the poorhouse.

The strangest part of the day, however, was the doctor who let me leave with the instructions to just eat saltines, dry toast, Gatorade, jello, and ice cream when I felt up to it.  I told her about the Whole30 and asked if plain chicken breast and a plain potato/sweet potato would be ok.  Her response was, "I'm sure it will be.  I don't really know much about nutrition."  

So there you have it.  Those sickly days were fairly lean on the food, but aside from the 2 sips of Gatorade at Urgent Care, I stayed on course.  But all of the meals were repeats from before.  And my computer barely came on except when I was working.

Needless to say, tomorrow is our final day.  I'm excited and nervous.  Stay tuned....

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