Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 3 -- A Little Late

Whole30: Day 3

Day 3 was grand.  I'm late in posting because we went to see "If/Then" after work, then had Dinner #2 post-show, and then realized my computer was dead.  So I'm updating from work.
Breakfast:  Apple and my ever-faithful green smoothie (I really should've put some protein with this)
Lunch: Salad with all sorts of #Whole30Approved ingredients -- really good
Dinner #1: Quick meet-up at Food Emporium where we had some leftovers from Day 2 of the turkey and bought some berries before we went to the show
Dinner #2: Home for some turkey bacon and scrambled eggs in front of the TV (our DVR is becoming over-run and I STILL haven't seen "The Women Tell All" from Monday night!!!
Snack: Grapes
I brought my own canned coconut milk and added it to the coffee at work -- it was serviceable and didn't give me a throbbing caffeine headache, so maybe I'll do that again for Day 4.
Andrew is absolutely killing this.  I'm super proud and extremely grateful to have a great partner.
On to Day 4!!!

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