Monday, March 23, 2015

Days 21 & 22: The End of Week 3!!

Whole30: Days 21 and 22

As we leap into Week 4 we feel pretty amazing.  But I'd be lying if I said the thought of creamer in my coffee just a little over a week doesn't completely thrill me.  I'll talk more about the reintroduction phase as we get a little closer... I don't wanna get my cravings up for no reason.

Just a reminder...

Day 21
Breakfast: Sausage/sweet potato/bell pepper casserole and green smoothie
Lunch: Salad on the go on 6th Avenue (ya know... 'cause we got hungry walking around, so salad obviously.... who are we?!)
Dinner: Paleo Nachos (there was some discussion about this since there was no cheese)
Snack: Banana

Day 22
Breakfast: Leftover sausage casserole
Lunch: Applesauce
Dinner: Fiesta Lime Chicken and sauteed arugula
Snack: Green smoothie

Andrew feels torn about ready for this to be over and not ready for it to end.  As great as we feel he's growing weary (I totally agree) of EVERYTHING revolving around grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning up, and then deciding what preparations need to go into the next meal.  It's starting to become 2nd nature to make the right choices regarding food, so it'll be nice in 8 days to be able to just go to the diner, or make dinner, or whatever without reading EVERY.SINGLE.INGREDIENT.  But he is enjoying understanding more about what he's putting in.  So... basically we're in the same place.

This week's assignment in Soul Body System is to slow down (ha).  Specifically we are tasked with eating each meal without distractions like TV, internet, reading, or phones.  In addition to that we should make sure our conversations are not stressful topics and take 5 more minutes than we normally would to finish a meal.  The goal in this is to reduce cortisol levels during food consumption to maximize the nutrient benefits.  I'm both terrified and stoked by this.  I'll keep you posted on how this goes....

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