Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day.30. -- It Is Finished (since it's Holy Week?)

Whole30: Day 30

Readers.  It's Day 30.  Andrew and I made it.  We had next to no slip-ups.  We were incredible partners in this process.  And we did it.

We celebrated with a Circuit Party at MFF and are nervously (but pleasantly) looking forward to our reintroduction phase that starts tomorrow.  This phase takes a little over a week to see if we have any sensitivities to food groups.  These sensitivities can be physical (stomach ache, headache, joint pain, etc.) or nonphysical (moodiness, fatigue, happiness even, etc.).  Day 31 for us will be the reintroduction of my old friend dairy.

Oh, Dairy, how I love thee.

We'll continue to post about our reintroduction since I've had so many people interested in the process.  But let me just say, that right now I feel incredible.  I go to sleep pretty quickly and wake up without snoozing the alarm much.  My workouts have somehow been easy to the point that I'm thinking I need to reach for the next level of intensity.  My brain has been quite clear at work and in my various classes.  And I just feel...oddly peaceful.  Maybe it's the elimination, maybe it's the empowerment I've found in choosing foods that I promised myself I would for 30 days.  Maybe it's a combination.

Also... man, I have the best partner in the world.  He SLAYED this, kept me on track, and was the dishwasher to my cook (and vice versa) for the whole month.  I'm so fortunate to have found him.

Speaking of which, he says he feels great, learned a lot, and can't wait for some ice cream on our dairy day tomorrow!

No makeup on me.  No love for dishes on him.
Both so proud and excited for Day 30!!!

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