Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 17: St. Paleo's Day!

Whole30: Day 17

It's Day 17, and it happens to be St. Patrick's Day -- my 15th in NYC.  And one of my least favorite days here.  The parade diverts traffic for hours, loud bagpipes play from every bar on every corner, but the worst is just the drunk 22-year-olds.  I know I sound like the oldest curmudgeon on the planet, but c'mon guys.  At 10am I'm just trying to get to work on a Tuesday and not dodge you in your drunken stupor down the sidewalks of midtown.  But I's also a cute day when Facebook shows all my friends' kids wearing green as they go off to school.  So with all the green around the web and the city, I focused on all the greens I have in my diet!!  (You've gotta give me props for finding the silver/green lining.

Breakfast: Green smoothie!
Lunch: Spinach salad!
Dinner: Salsa chicken and broccoli!
Snack: Raspberries (alas no green there)

As far as the Whole30 is going, things are great!!  I like the way I feel and I enjoy the way I'm feeding myself.  I do miss dairy like whoa, but I think I'm setting myself up to be well-equipped to make 10% indulgences once this is completed.

Also I started Deepak Chopra's 21-day Meditation Experience, and it is a SERIOUSLY amazing way to start the day.  I actually wish it was a little longer than it is, so I can totally see myself continuing this as well.  I'm just becoming a right-old zen master -- ok, that's not accurate at all, but I do feel pretty awesome.

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