Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Whole30: Day 2 -- Lizard Brain

Whole30: Day 2

It's Day 2.  Day 2, people.  Not day 22.  And my body did a HALT on me.  It was like, "um, hey, I'm here and I need GARBAGE!!!"  The Whole30 website says that days 2 and 3 are like a hangover, so this nagging headache and all-around uselessness is completely normal.  I had to get some support from my fellow Soul Body Warriors and coach where I was told how grateful I'll be for this in a week or 2.  So I didn't go run downstairs to Donna Bell's and eat my weight in biscuits.  Even though I kinda wanted to.  In a way I've never really cared anything about.  But I didn't.  Whew. 

I mean... c'mon.  It took some willpower to avoid this when my body was screaming for it.

We did head up to Harlem after work for dinner and fellowship over RuPaul's Drag Race with the Fernandez-Reids and the Console-Browns.  They are amazing and made #Whole30Approved foods for us to share!!  Plus, we got to spend a chilly March evening enjoying what everyone should -- drag queens (I think I'm all about Pearl so far).

Breakfast:  Boiled eggs and my ever-faithful green smoothie
Lunch: Peppers and guacamole; Apple
Dinner: Turkey breast with herbs; sweet potatoes w/ tomatillos; brussel sprouts (ok I only had 2); guacamole; baked sweet potato chips
Snack: Berries

Around 3pm I realized that coffee was a necessity.  So off to Starbucks I went for a coffee with coconut milk.  Man, it was good.  So freaking good.  Alas I just looked up the ingredients in their particular coconut milk only to find that it has added cane sugar.... FAIL, STARBUCKS, FAIL I SAY!!!!  Guess I won't be doing that again tomorrow.  I do have some coconut milk at home that is pure, so I'll try that.  Wah, wah.

WITH CANE SUGAR.  Don't let it fool you.

Andrew didn't feel quite the craziness that I did.  He felt super energized, but he thinks he might be fooling himself and is sort of expecting his lethargy to set in soon.  I have a feeling he's just nailing it and will kill this challenge with his usual aplomb.

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