Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Individual Coffee Experience Please??

UPDATE!!  I was called out by Amy Caldamone who is adorably wonderful, and I thusly stand corrected.  See below.

I take a coffee break every morning and even some afternoons.  The coffee is often the same.  The conversation is always different and what keeps me going throughout the dayThe most important part of the coffeetime is the cupOnce the conversation is over, I'm forced to go back to my desk making the best part of the my work day stretch out on my desk in front of me by way of my choice of coffee cup.   I have had a few exciting cups in my day.  The best being:

It rusted because someone borrowed it and left it sitting in water.  Then my coworker Suzanne gave me this other RIDICULOUS mug... it broke.  I had yet another that also broke.  So now I'm left with this:

How horrendously boring is this?!  So not me.

Now I need a mug.  It needs to be larger than the standard kitchen mug.  It needs to be awesome like whoa.  It needs to somehow scream my name.  If anyone out there has an idea or finds one, you will be forever on my happy list.  Anyone?  ANYONE??


  1. I've actually been looking for a new one for you around here! I'll keep my eyes peeled.

  2. I'm sorry - the most important part of coffeetime is the cup??? Not the company???