Thursday, December 23, 2010

Friends are friends forever...

Michael W. Smith said it so well - Friends are Friends Forever.  Sing it, Michael.  Sing it.  So in honor of some of my amazing friends, I'm dedicating this blog to those of you who know just what to say and do whenever I need it.  Sometimes before I even know myself.  Here's a smattering of vids that I've been sent by some of the greatest... Some are meaningful to me, most are funny, and a few just make no sense at all.

This is what for realz looks like in case you didn't know.

What I wouldn't give to have sparks shoot out of my chest - figuratively or literally.

Her daddy taught her gooooooood.

Wow.  All he wants for Christmas is you.

ALWAYS works on a bad day, without fail.  Just try to not feel calm after watching this'n.

Never fails to make me laugh maniacally.

What did Merna do to receive this punishment?

I have no excuse to not run, or workout, or achieve a new goal of any kind...

If ever I have a child, let this type of creativity flow...

Do you have any to add??

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