Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holidays Shmolidays

I've always had a difficult time with the concept of holidays being such an amazing thing.  I primarily mean the end of the year ones, but really all of them.  It's tough for me to comprehend days that are specified to tell us how to behave.  Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day that tell us we have to show our love and appreciation.  St. Patty's, 4th of July, and New Year's Eve that ask us to party into oblivion.  Thanksgiving and Christmas that would like us to spend with our families.

For a single gal living in the city, these end of the year holidays are a mixed bag.  After my birthday in mid-November (which I've deemed a national holiday in and of itself), the city lights up.  It's beautiful and bright.  It's cold enough to wear winter attire but usually not so frigid to hurt.  We have the Rockefeller Center and Lincoln Center trees, the Macy's Parade, the Saks snowflakes, the Bryant Park shoppes & ice skating, the Charmin bathroom, and my favorite - The Rockettes at Radio City.  The flip side is the insane number of tourists, working long hours as an accountant at the end of the calendar year, exorbitant airfares to get out of town, Christmas shopping without a car, and friends who leave town to visit their own families.

Speaking of the Charmin Bathroom, Suzanne and I were able to make a video this year.  Being somewhat musically/choreographically inclined, we TOTALLY knew following the dance on the screen wouldn't be a problem for us.  After all, we're awesome like whoa.  We were quickly corrected.  Enjoy...

I made the choice this year to stay here for both holidays.  I could not be happier about my decision.  While there is the potential for loneliness, it's a piece of cake considering the much-needed reflection time after the entirety of 2010.  Also, I'm so blessed to have my own personal Christmas elf living in my house.

I've already started working on a post of what 2010 has taught me, but that'll come next week as the year draws to a close.  I still have a 8 days of learning to go!!

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  1. You and Suzanne dancing made me laugh so hard. You two are so funny! I loved this. Your personal christmas elf is so darling too. Love your blogs, they are enlightening, funny and very thought provoking. Keep on writing.