Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brownie Points

I like to consider myself somewhat of a pro when it comes to the game of dating.  (I also consider my singing voice to sound very close to that of one Ms. Crystal Gayle, so take any delusions I have about myself as you will).  Being said professional, I tend to think I can handle any of the games that are put before me in this arena.

Here's the latest: I met a guy.  A pretty cool one at that.  Too good to be true?  Perhaps... nee, likely.  We've done the phone thing and the text thing.  We've discussed travels, movies, and even that we both love homemade brownies.  Excited to play the game, we planned a date.  I was ready.  Ready to trip him up.  Ready to weave a web.  Ready to route out lies.  Not ready to actually enjoy his company.  And BAM!!...

He gave me a homemade brownie made by him and his 5-year-old niece.  I failed in this reciprocation.  I was too busy planning my attack.  Still expecting and waiting for him to divulge any secrets, try to get back to my neighborhood, or just say something stupid, I was caught off guard when he asked for a 2nd date.  Without thinking I said yes.  I mean... a girl's gotta do research to get better at the game, right??  (That's at least the defense I'm using).

Wonder if he likes Crystal Gayle??

And if Mr. Brownie Points happens upon this entry through the miraculous invention of Google Stalking, I say this:  Game On, Mister.  Bring it.  Just remember to bring the honesty with you...


  1. You are HILARIOUS!! You are gonna get swept off your feet some day....maybe not this guy (although brownies would most likely sweep me for sure). I think this is a great story. You are one of the most unique individuals I know and to think "I" had a part in getting you created and here for this world to have! I'll be watching for any updates.