Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Spring is in the air.  Flowers are blooming.  Running is intensified.  Bundling up is diminishing.  Boys are clambering out of the woodwork.  And Reese's Eggs are on the shelves at Duane Reade.

All forms of kryptonite in my world.

Flowers = watery eyes, intense allergies, and migraines.
Running = no more excuses of cold weather, snow, and ice.  It's just me.
No more bundling = no more hiding the pounds I just might be trying to lose.
Resurgent boys = thoughts of those I thought were behind me.  This also leads to surprising responses from yours truly... Spring is a funny thing.

And most importantly the Reese egg.  My true love.  Only found for a few weeks out of the year.  Heaven help me, but THIS form of kryptonite is a directly oppositional force working against the other forms listed above.  Against the migraines, the chocolate makes things worse.  Against the running, the extra calories to burn the eggs off create MORE running required.  Against the bundling up, um... the Reese egg tends to pad on inches that a tiny little chocolate should NOT be able to do.  And finally against the boys... yeah, well... I think that's an obvious one.

But boy oh boy are they delicious.  I love you, Reese egg.  Even if you are my ultimate kryptonite.

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