Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 - The Year of Snow??

I'm determined to love 2011.  I feel it in my bones.  It's gonna be my year.  A year of changes.  A year of pulling it together.  A year of pulling it apart.  The changes start right away.  The Universe is teaching me to embrace snow.  To not see it as cold, slushy, and slippery... well, not ONLY cold, slushy, and slippery.

Last year there were blizzards every weekend for 6 weeks.  But at least we had 5 days in between the weekends of thawing, sun, and easy commutes.  So far this year, there has been constant snow.

Here's some pluses.

  • I've been sporting some major boots of all kinds - rainboots, zippy snowboots, suede ankle boots, cowboy boots, knee boots, f'uggs, and even house shoe boots.  
  • I get to wear knee socks or legwarmers every day if I want... and I want.  Don't you worry, I want.  
  • I've been able to utilize all my scarves, hats, and coats.  In fact, I need to add even more versatility... shopping trip this weekend anyone??
  • I've refused to let a lil snow impede my distance-run training.  I'm becoming a pro at dodging black ice on the sidewalks.  And the cold makes me run faster by default.  So I'm killin' it.  And I've lost 10 pounds (shout out to my cousins who are movin', shakin', and inspiratin'... er, inspirin')
  • With little else to do, my house is spotless.  In fact last weekend I threw out bags of clutter.  Ok, ok... so my friends say I didn't really have much clutter to begin with, but I REALLY don't now.  I think I'm the opposite of a hoarder.  Is there a term for that?
  • Indy is cuddly.  Nuff said.
  • The cold allowed for the seriously brunette to invade.  It's different.  But I love it.
I think the wax lips only enhance the brown hair... agreed??

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