Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Great Starts (isn't that a cereal??)

2011 has started off relaxed and well.  Here's my weekend in pictures...

This is a New Yorker's view of snow.  The pretty white stuff doesn't last long around these parts and this is what it quickly turns into.  Hawt.

Central Park with what's left of the pretty stuff after an afternoon working at a Community Lunch Program on the UES - Thanks, Jessica, for the opportunity!!!

 Wollman Rink on New Year's Day.

Remains of a Times Square NYE.  Poor plastic glitter hat.

Let's get this year started!!! 1-2-3 (4)...

Coming into 2011.  Happy New Year, everyone!

And one final random send-up... Cosmo says grey is the new pale pink for the fingers.  So I obliged.  Glittery magenta on the toes.  I'm sure these are someone's school colors somewhere out there ;)

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