Monday, January 10, 2011

What did 2010 teach me???

Every day is a new chance to learn.  A chance to experience.  A chance to delve.  All of my favorite things.  2010 provided a number of learning experiences.  And my accountant brain goes into over-drive when I get to list things, so here you go.

Things I learned in 2010.  Some important.  Some ridiculous.

1. Lady Gaga is worth every ounce of trouble in getting tickets to her concerts.

2. Dance at every turn.  Never miss an opportunity to do so.

3. If good friends move, it's ok to miss them.  It's also ok to go visit them.  Friends don't have to be location-specific.

4. Impromptu trips to Disney are the best ones - as long as they begin with a trip to Toontown and end with a funnel cake, even if it induces vomiting.

5. Being too serious about dating is dumb, lame, and overrated.  Just going with the flow is SOOOO much better.  And so much more authentic.

6. Failure is my biggest fear.  My body failing me might top that list most of all.  From stupid tonsils, to migraines and brain blahs, to my lady-parts not cooperating, body failure is definitely yuck.  Having 15 people in my life have babies in 2010 caused some significant agita.  But ya know what?  Life deals you the hand you're dealt.  If a biological baby isn't in my future, so be it.  2011 is sure to have less suck where this is concerned.  And the tonsils I'm determined to keep in... stay tuned on that front.

7. Bless Yourself.  Take that how you will.  As deep or shallow as your mind would like.  For me, it means taking care of me first.  Something new for me.

8. Running is my heart.  It is my home.  It is my religion.  It is my me-time.  It is my spiritual time.  It is what will help me get over my ailments (even if doctors say not to).  It is what helps keep me grounded.  It is what makes me proud of myself.

9. Never miss the chance to hang with people you look up to.  You may not have them forever.  Glean from their wisdom at every turn.

10.  Know your friends.  Know who loves you.  Love them without fail.  Every day.  (I only put a smattering of pics here - I have more than these listed below for whom I count my lucky stars every single day...)

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