Monday, January 24, 2011

Full of Surprises

I write this from my favorite Midwest get-away.  The Mohrs of St. Louis' living room.  Snuggled up on their couch under blankets next to a window looking out on the snowy street could not be better.

(iPhone pic not the best... but you get the idea)

I came to surprise my darling friend Katie for her birthday.  Katie is married to my cousin Russ who's been more like my brother than a cousin for as long as I can remember.  And somehow Katie has worked her way through the years into my innermost part of my heart as she has so many others.

(me and Katie in NYC a few months ago)

Russ and I chatted last weekend about me coming down for the birthday festivities, found a great airfare, and hopped on over Saturday for a 48-hour funfest.  Katie was surprised by my visit and then surprised with a Bingo night at some friends.  I do so love me some Bingo - MUST try the new Saturday night Bingo at Le Poisson Rouge in the Village...

(photo credits: the lovely Dana Seibel)

I leave tomorrow, and while I normally CAN'T WAIT to get back home to the city, to my friends, and to my life... I find myself a bit mellow over the prospect so soon.  The Mohrs are so refreshing.  They are so witty.  They are so lively.  They are so loving.  And they are oh-so fun.  After a blahsy week (more on that later after I unpack it), this surprise for Katie wound up being an even better surprise for me.  Seeing their love for life, their love for their friends, their love for each other, and their love for me is very much needed as I enter into 2011 with a vengeance.  I hope they truly know what an immense influence they are on me and my life.

I'm not sure what I'd do without Katie.  Her emails/texts of encouragement, edification, and simple laughs due to awkwardness keep me sane some days.  Just hearing that she values my opinions about things like fashion (and more important things too) means the world to me.  And knowing that she always takes the time to listen to my trivialities without judgement is something you don't find too often in this world.  In short, she is wonderful, and anyone who is lucky enough to know her is better for it.

I will miss St. Louis.  I will miss my silly tomato, Eliot.  And I will miss Russ and Katie.  Thank you guys for surprising me with such love and acknowledgement.  You mean the world to me.

(seriously... how awesome are they???)

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