Friday, January 14, 2011

Detox Woes and Yays!

I titled this Woes & Yays because I like to get negatives out of the way so the focus can go to the positives.  So here we go.  You asked.  I'm answering.  The detox was great.  Had it not been for the groupon giving us 50% off, I'm not sure I'd say it was worth it.  I feel like you could buy a juicer and the veggies/fruits/herbs that go in each of the drinks for less... which I kinda recommend.  Because I feel amazing.

Here's a rundown of my past 3 days:

Day 1.
8am: Chlorphyll Shot - Tasted like a refreshing shot of seaweed.  Actually pretty good!
11am: Grapefruit Juice - DELICIOUS!! (Thanks to Liz for trading with me... she got my pear juice)
1pm: Young Love - Celery/Cucumber/Spinach.  Not as bad as it sounds.  Needs some sugar or something.  Um.  Update: Young Love grows to be Yuck Love.
3:30pm: Master Tonic - B's cleanse.  Lemon/Cayenne Pepper.  Pretty decent.
5:30pm Mellow Love - Green Satan in a bottle.  Disgusting.  Finished about 2/3 of it.
9pm: Veggie Vibrance - Kinda like V8.  Not my favorite, but not awful.  Totally has that "healthy" feel to it.
Lots of water throughout the day.  Peeing every 45 minutes like an incontinent pregnant gal.  I had a Coconut Water that I never got to.  I'm hoping I'll get them all in tomorrow.

Day 2.
10am: Chlorophyll Shot - Still refreshing. But I had to consume it at work and the murky green it turns your teeth was fun to brush away in the theatre balcony bathroom.
Noon: Apple Juice - So nice.  I love the fruit ones.
3pm: Starting to get hungry but subconsciously not wanting the Yuck Love.  Went for it anyway.  Not as horrendous as I recall, but definitely not able to finish it today.
5pm: Master Tonic - Quite refreshing and downed it quicker today.
7pm: Veggie Vibe - Like this one even more today.  I think some of it was because I was a bit hungry.  Also worked on it through President Obama's speech, which I found INCREDIBLY moving.  Positivity all around despite the happenings in Tuscon.  Wishing Rep. Gabby Giffords a speedy recovery.  We need more representatives like her.
10pm: Coconut Water.  I'm a new fan.  Selby called me Dominican for liking it, but he's racist like that.  It's a nice thing to be a fan of by the way.  Apparently it aides in weight loss, rehydration, and killing intestinal worms - 2 of 3 I can totally use.  Can you guess which ones??  Read more here.
Again boatloads of water (and potty time).  I skipped the Cucumber Water.  I was just too full after the Veggie Vibe.

Day 3.
11am: (Had to wait because there was a bit of a mix-up getting my sustenance).  Orange Juice.  Heaven.
Noon: Another orange juice.  (Thanks Dana for taking my Young Love today).
2pm: Master Tonic - I really like this stuff.  I see why Beyonce used it to get into her Dreamgirl tininess (is that a word?)
4pm: Coconut Water.  Reminds me of something from childhood.  Haven't put my finger on it yet.  But I love it.  Like whoa.
6pm: Chlorophyll.  Not as good at the end of the day.  Maybe I'm just ready for real food.
Met Suzanne for a the Wakey!Wakey! concert.  Btdubs - if you're not a fan, you should be.  Check out their website which contains their entire 1st album FOR FREE... LOVE them.  Website with free music.  Shared a nice, light, small thin-crust pizza with tomatoes (and a few tater tots) with Suz.  They were quite robust.  And I couldn't possibly have finished more than a few.
I still have 2 bottles of juice leftover from the 3 day-er.  Carrot Juice and another Veggie Vibe.  I think I'll try to drink them over the next couple of days... why not, right?

I asked my friends (and cohorts in this endeavor) to sum this process up in 2 words - 1 positive, 1 negative.  Being verbose (hmm... I guess likekind does produce likekind, huh?) they did so with follow-up.  Negatives (again get those nasty things out of the way) - Frustrating, Expensive, Hollowing.  Frustrating because it made us realize how much we reach for food out of habit and couldn't do it.  Expensive (without the groupon), explained above.  Hollowing in the literal sense of being hollowed out from no food.  And also hollow in the fact that there was extra time on the hands.  Without having to sit down for a meal, go out for lunch, prep your breakfast, the extra time felt empty.

Positives (I love that word)... Convenient, Clearing, Enlightening.  Convenient because you were rarely able to get hungry.  There was ALWAYS another new juice to have.  Clearing because the caffeine and sugar was taken out and left the mind to be free and open and, well, clear.  Enlightening feeds into the frustration a bit.  The realization that you CAN live without a snack on the couch, at your desk, before you go to bed proves that the crap we eat is mostly unnecessary.

Now to retox, right?  Ok, ok, I'll go easy.  But a little celebratory drink should DEFINITELY be in order sometime over the holiday weekend.  For now, I'm having coconut water.

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  1. Oh Geez - I was starving the entire time. How could you not be hungry? Maybe it was the fruit juice swap but I finished all of my juices and more...I'm a bad juice faster. I need food.