Sunday, January 9, 2011

Movies Galore

In prep for the upcoming awards shows I've seen a few flicks lately.  2010 had some suck-fests for movies... until the last 2 weeks of the year.  See these...

"The Fighter".  Worth it for Christian Bale's performance.

"Black Swan".  Darren Aronofsky is a genius.

"Blue Valentine".  Gut-wrenching.  Indescribable.  I think this one might be tougher on women than men.  And Ryan Gosling is beautiful.

"True Grit".  Sheer perfection.  Even down to the Arkansas accents.

Best movie of the year.  Colin Firth had better win.  Geoffrey Rush's speech in the Abbey is worth the ticket price alone.

And finally - I was asked recently my thoughts on "The Shining" and couldn't really answer as I don't think I've seen it since maybe Alyse Day's house in 7th grade... and I think I may have fallen asleep then.  Needless to say, thanks to Netflix streaming through Wii I watched it tonight.  From the opening chords of Berlioz's "Symphonie Fantastique" (which is one of my very favorite pieces of orchestration) I was hooked.  The imagery, the acting, the cinematography, and most important the BEAUTIFUL direction.  I can't wait to have a further discussion of this film.  And instead of the traditional pic of Jack axing through the bathroom door saying "Here's Johnny", I've included the visual that is probably my favorite after this first real viewing.  I love this kid.  I love this carpet.  I love his big-wheel.  Get it, Danny.  Get your shining on.

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